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The Art of Sake

The Secret to Smooth Sake?

Rice polishing. We polish each grain of rice until only the pure center remains. Dassai owes its fame to the rich, bright, and fresh flavor that is ensured by our high-polishing achievement.

Washing: A Labor of Love

Dassai remains one of the only breweries to wash all of our rice by hand. This process can take 5 or 6 Artisans working from morning to night to wash what a single machine could do in one hour.

Koji: The Heart of Sake

Making koji (rice malt) is considered the heart of sake brewing. At Dassai, koji making looks and feels like a ritual— the synchronized, sprinkling by hand is not only artful in practice, but is a crucial step in the brewing process to prepare the sake rice for fermentation.

Rice Steaming: Unlocking Flavor

Steaming is essentially where the rice gets cooked. At Dassai, we use both the traditional method of a Japanese rice steamer and the labor-intensive process of staking the rice into the pot and digging out the steamed rice.

Fermentation: Blending

Inside the fermentation tanks are rice malt, steamed rice, yeast and water. Artisans mix the sake mash by hand to precisely control the temperature. The yeast then convert rice starch into alcohol and the mixture gradually turns into sake. At Dassai, this process can last up to 50 days.

Pressing: Filtering pure sake

Pressing is the process of extracting the pure sake liquid from the fermented sake mash to create a smooth flavorful sake. The leftover sake mash (sake lees) is then used in restaurant recipes and other goods such as skin care products, allowing us to make the most of each part of the brewing process.

DASSAI Blue 35

A charcuterie board's best friend. It presents a more complex and rich mouthfeel with a distinct acidic note. The texture is noticeably fuller and creamier. Pair with soft cheese, green olives, and yakitori.

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DASSAI Blue 23

The gift you give yourself. Take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. Pair with fresh sashimi or crisp vegetables. But let's be real, this sake is a true star and can shine on its own - pour yourself a glass, kick back, and savor the ultimate Junmai Daiginjo.

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DASSAI Blue 50

To be shared. For those seeking a more robust flavor, DASSAI Blue 50 may be the right choice. This sake retains its fruity aromas but packs a flavor punch, making it ideal for a hot summer night.

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